Au 3D-Connected Nanoparticles (Sensitivity)

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Product description

3D-Connected Nanoparticles offer the highest sensitivity than any commercial products on the market. It also offers reliable reproducibility and excellent cost effectiveness.

Why Choose PiCO SERS’s SERS?

Extreme sensitivity through three-dimensional structure
Provided at a reasonable price through mass production
Patent registration in the US and Europe

Sensitivity Graph

Reproducibility Graph

Specification of
3D-Connected Nanoparticles


  • US Patent 10,507,604 B2
  • EU Patent 3015918

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Product packaging

SERS chips are basically stored in a gel pack for convenient use and safe storage, and then packed again in a vacuum pack.


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5. High-Resolution Nanotransfer Printing Applicable to Diverse Surfaces via Interface-Targeted Adhesion Switching
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Additional information

1 set (5 chips), 1 pack ( 25 chips)

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